SPiiPlus SA Features

Advanced 2, 4, 6, 8 Axes Stand Alone Motion Controller

From basic point to point moves to the most advanced applications the SPiiPlus SA meets the varied needs of today ' s motion control requirements for machine automation.

applications such as high speed pick and place , cut to length, registration printing, packaging, cam profiling, robotics, semiconductors manufacturing, wafers inspection and Flat Panel

Display assembly and testing are all accomplished with one family of controls and a easy to use common set of software tools. The SPiiPlus SA supports Incremental digital encoders and high frequency Sin-Cos encoder signals of up to 2.5MHz to provide sub-nanometer resolution at high speed

without compromising accuracy and throughput. The SPiiPlus SA comprises simple

and convenient connectivity interface with the application's drivers, encoders, I/Os

and communication bus using D-Type connectors. SPiiPlus SA accurate motion control

is obtained with 20kHz sampling rate, customized control algorithms, Gantry control,

Sin-Cos encoder interpolation, real-time registration and position compare outputs,

software commutation and ACSPL+ multi-tasking application language. A powerful

suite of software tools provides high speed host communication via multiple channels

and a quick application development, system setup and analysis.

SPiiPlus SA Features

•  The SPiiPlus SA also supports both Sin-Cos and high-speed incremental encoders. An optional 4x to 65,536x internal programmable multiplier is available for any axis with Sin-Cos feedback.

•  Standalone operation, or connected to a programmable operator interface or host computer.

•  RS-232 and RS-232/422 serial port protocols are supported, as well as Ethernet 10/100 Base T, ModBus master or slave. All ports can be used simultaneously.

•  Digital I/O expansion to 256 inputs and outputs using the HSSI I/O 16 modules or Ethernet Modbus and third party I/O blocks.

•  CE approval

•  C/C++DLLs are available for On-Time ® and Venturecom ® RTX real-time operating systems.

Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C. Storage Temperature: - 40C to 70C. Humidity: 90%RH, non-condensing.

Insert the Axes and I/O chart from the data sheet.

Axes and I/O Functionality

*1: Sin-Cos encoder 1Vptp or general purpose analog inputs

*2: General purpose only ± 10V analog inputs, available when axes C and/or D Sin-Cos encoders are not used

*3: Drive commands or general purpose (by DCOM command) ± 10V analog outputs

*4: General purpose only ± 10V analog outputs (by AOUT10,11,14,15 command)

*5: Drive commands only