SPiiPlus PCI Features

SPiiPlus PCI

Advanced 2, 4, 6, 8 Axes Motion Controller

The SPiiPlus PCI motion controller is based on the same technology as all SPiiPlus products and is designed to communicate via the PCI bus, or as a stand alone control. As with the SPiiPlus CM and SA, the SPiiPlus PCI can meet the application requirements for robotic control all the way to XY stage point to point positioning. Applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, wafers inspection and Flat Panel Display assembly and testing are all within the capability of this very easy to use controller. The SPiiPlus PCI provides sub-nanometer resolution and high speed without compromising accuracy and throughput, outstanding smooth motion, programmability and ease of use. SPiiPlus PCI accurate motion control is obtained with 20kHz sampling rate, customized control algorithms, Gantry control, Sin-Cos encoder interpolation, real-time registration and position compare outputs, software commutation and ACSPL+ multi-tasking application language. A powerful suite of software tools provides high speed host communication via multiple channels and a quick application development, system setup and analysis.

•  PCI or Stand Alone Operation

•  2 to 8 Axes of control

•  Expandable Digital I/O

•  HSSI network support

•  Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100 Mbits/sec

•  Ethernet ModBus Master or Slave Communications

Supports All of the advanced SPiiPlus features