SPiiPlus CM 8 axis Control Module

High Performance
Multi-axis Motion Controllers with

Integrated Digital Drives

The SPiiPlus CM control module deliversuncompromised accuracy and throughput

for the full range of motion control and machine automation applications.

SPiiPlus products are widely used the semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, electronic assembly and testing, medical imaging, and advanced digital printing industries.

The SPiiPlus CM (Control Module) combines a programmable motion controller, power supply, and up to three internal digital drives and control of up to five distributed servo amplifiers , into a single standalone package. Each of the three integrated digital drives is software configurable for AC servo/DC brushless, or DC brush motors . By implementing an HSSI (high speed serial interface) network, together with DC brush or external stepper (indexer) drives and motors, the number of controlled axes can be increased to eight.

•  Digital drive supply voltages range from single phase 90Vdc -125Vdc, 100Vac -240Vac, three phase 230Vac (ph-ph) or the low voltage option 24Vdc to 120Vdc, 19Vac to 85Vac.

•  Supports AC and DC servo motors, Induction Motors and Pluse & Direction input stepper or servo drives.

•  The SPiiPlus CM also supports both Sin-Cos and high-speed incremental encoders. An optional 4x to 65,536x internal programmable multiplier is available for any axis with Sin-Cos feedback.

•  Standalone operation, or connected to a programmable operator interface or host computer.

•  RS-232 and RS-232/422 serial port protocols are supported, as well as Ethernet 10/100 Base T, ModBus master or slave. All ports can be used simultaneously.

•  Digital I/O expansion to 256 inputs and outputs using the HSSI I/O 16 modules or Ethernet Modbus and third party I/O blocks.

•  CE and CSA approvals

•  C/C++DLLs are available for On-Time ® and Venturecom ® RTX real-time operating systems.

•  Manufactured under the ISO 9001 certified quality management system,

•  Meets the stringent safety and EMC standards.

•  exceptional dynamic tracking, fast settling, and excellent smoothness at low velocities.

These features can be setup as bullet points

SPiiPlus CM Features

Internal Integrated Digital Drives

Quantity: One, two or three.

Type: PWM, digital current control with

space vector modulation.

PWM Frequency: 20kHz.

Current loop sampling rate: 20kHz.

Control algorithm: PI.

Current resolution: 14 bit.

Bus voltage: Up to 340V.

Drive short circuit capability : 5kA

Phase current (sine wave amplitude):

•  SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3-A:

•  5A continuous; 10A peak (1 second). Maximum power per axis is 1370W continuous, 2740W peak.

•  SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3-B:

•  10A continuous; 20A peak (1 second). Maximum power per axis is 2740W continuous, 5480W peak.

•  SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3-C:

•  15A continuous; 30A peak (1 second). Maximum power per axis is 2740W continuous, 5480W peak.

Total Power Consumption for all Axes:

- SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3-A: 4800W continuous,

7200W peak. (1 second)

-SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3-B: 4800W continuous,

7200W peak. (1 second)

Analog Inputs

General : Analog inputs also serve as Sin-Cos

encoder inputs. Each Sin-Cos encoder uses two

analog inputs.

Type and Quantity:

- In SPiiPlus CM-1/2/3: two/four/six analog

inputs (respectively), differential 1V ptp or 10V

ptp, 14-bit resolution, signal- to-noise ratio of

62dB (3 sigma) equivalent to ± 6 AIN counts.

- In SPiiPlus CM-3 or SPiiPlus CM-2...XY: two

additional analog, single-ended, ± 10V, 14-bit

resolution, for joystick implementation.


Operating temperature: 0C to 40C.

Storage temperature: -40C to 85C.

Humidity: 90% RH, non-condensing.

Power Supplies

Control Section

Voltage: 24Vdc ( ± 20%).

Current: Up to 4A.

Mechanical Brake Supply

Voltage: 5-30Vdc.

Current : Up to 3A.

I/O Section

Voltage: 5Vdc ( ± 10%) or 24Vdc ( ± 20%).

Current: Up to 0.8A.

Safety Inputs Section

Voltage: 5Vdc ( ± 10%) or 24Vdc ( ± 20%).

Current: Up to 0.2A.

Drive Power Section

Single phase supply:

Voltage: 90Vdc to 125Vdc or 100Vac to

240Vac, or Low Voltage option 24-120Vdc

Current: up to 18A RMS-up to 4800W

continuous, 7200 peak (one second)

Three phase supply:

Voltage: 230Vac phase-to-phase.

Current: per phase up to 18A RMS for a

total of 8200W for all phases continuous,

12300 peak (one second)


There is an internal regen resistor 100Ohms @ 100 watts continuous

External shunt regen resistor >13 Ohms can be connected