Economical 2, 4 Axes Step Motor Motion Controller

The SPiiPlus PCI-ST brings the power and flexibility of the SPiiPlus control to systems operating with step motors, and servo motor drives with Pulse-Direction interface. The SPiiPlus PCI-ST is user programmable, easy to use and cost effective. It supports up to four axes, open and closed loop control and high resolution microstepping. The SPiiPlus PCI-ST high performance motion control is obtained by full axes synchronization, up to 4 million steps per second, real-time registration inputs and position compare outputs and ACSPL+ multi-tasking application language. A powerful suite of software tools provides high speed host communication via multiple


channels and a quick application development, system setup and analysis.

Drive Interface

Pulse-Direction Commands:

Two commands per axis.

Type: RS-422. Up to 4 million pulse/sec.

Drive Enable Output:

One per axis. Type: two-terminal, source

or sink. Collector emitter voltage: 5Vdc to

30Vdc. Output current: 50mA.

Drive Fault Input:

One per axis. Type: two-terminal, source

or sink. Input voltage: 5Vdc ( ± 10%), or

24Vdc ( ± 20%), requires an external supply.