SPiiPlus 3U

Advanced 2, 4, 6, 8 Axes Motion Controller

The SPiiPlus 3U, is a rack mounted controller and supports all of the common SPiiPlus features. The SPiiPlus 3U is intended for OEM rack based systems that want the advantages of the SPiiPlus system in a convenient 3U rack format. SPiiPlus 3U provides outstanding smooth coordinated motion, programmability, ease of use, sub-nanometer resolution and high speed without compromising accuracy and throughput. SPiiPlus 3U accurate motion control is obtained using a 20kHz sampling rate, customized control algorithms, gantry control, 0.25MHz or fast 2.5MHz Sin-Cos encoder interpolation, real-time registration and position compare outputs, software commutation and ACSPL+ multi-tasking application language. A powerful suite of software tools provides high speed host communication via multiple channels and a quick application development, system setup and analysis.

Controller & Power Supply

User Memory: RAM: 13Mb. Flash: 13Mb.

Powerup Time: 25sec.

Power Supply Voltage/Current: +5Vdc

(-0% to +10%)/4A, -5Vdc (+0% to -10%)

/0.5A, ± 12Vdc ( ± 5%)/0.6A.

I/O Supply Voltage/Current:

+5Vdc ( ± 10%)/1A, or 24Vdc ( ± 20%)/1A.

Safety Supply Voltage/Current:

+5Vdc ( ± 10%)/1A, or 24Vdc ( ± 20%)/1A.

Six LEDs on the front panel indicate the

status of all above power supplies.


Operating Temperature: 0C to 55C.

Storage Temperature: - 40C to 70C.

Humidity: 90%RH, non-condensing.

Each SPiiPlus 3U controller is provided with:

- One communication cable (37cm/14.1"), provides RS-232 channels via two D-sub, male, 9-pin connectors.

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Axes and I/O Functionality

Layout & Dimensions.