FEROFORM does not swell or soften in water, where as most synthetic material swell in water. FEROFORM bearings can be machined accurately to size and maintain these sizes even when immersed.

To compensate for the waterswell and to avoid the risk of seizures, excessive clearances can be maintained, reducing vibration and shaft run out. Large clearaces should be avoided bacause :

Bearing wear rate increases
Bearing life is shortened
Shatvibration increses, making the shaft less stable.

High compression strength

FEROFORM keeps its strength even when wet and does not creep under high loads. Loads on Tenmat bearings do not result in compression, deformation or compression set. This means that the shaft more stable.

High load capacity Tenmat bearings offer better load capacity than many traditional rubber or elastomer bearings.

Low shaft wear

Wear of expensive shafts can be more of wear is especially severe in dirty operating canditions.

Appropriately designed hard shafts running in FEROFORM bearing exhibit exceptionally low wear. FEROFORM furthe reduces shaft wear due to its lower friction. In particular nylons and many for damage caused to shafts.

Easy to install and remove

FEROFORM bearings are easy to install and remove without the need for expensive equipment. Bearings can be easily installed on site with a minimum of of effort and equipment, using simple mechanical methods.

FEROFORM does not corrode and seize in bearing housings, unlike bronze and metal backed bearings which become difficult to remove.

Easy to machine

FEROFORM can be easily machined on standard metalworking or woodworking equipment.

FEROFORM does not creep, deform or swell and machines easily to desired tolerances.

Resistant to chemicals

In addition to its excellent performance in water. FEROFORM are resistant to a wide range of chemicals including acids, organic chemicals, water, solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels.

Sefety and helth

FEROFORM does not contain any hazardous substances such as asbestos that make using, handling and machining unsafe.

FEROFORM is on exceptionally clean material to machine and possesses no asbestos & dust hazards.

Low thermal expansion

FEROFORM bearing do not change size significantly as the operating temperature changes, so close clearances can be maintained across a wide temperature range.

This means that FEROFORM bearings can be designed with minimal running clearances without danger of shaftseizures.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally problems caused by oil or grease lubrication can be avoided. This means simpler pump design and operation, with great cost savings.

The good chemical resistance of FEROFORM means that a large range of pumped media can be used to lubricate the bearings.