Tenmats Firefly 100 series of Intumescents are a family of technically advanced fire stopping materials of outstanding performance that have proved effective in a wide variety of applications from Offshore and Marine to Railways and Buildings.
The range includes flexible & rigid sheets, papers, grilles and unique vacuum formed shapes that provide economical solutions to most fire stopping problems in the widest variety of environmental conditions.


FIREFLY 101M - Pipe Wraps and Pipe Collars - An intumescent material combining high performance with good flexibility.

FIREFLY 102 - Rigid material used in door and glazing applications, capable of expanding 25 items & delivering pressures of up to 17 bar.

FIREFLY 102B - Lower expansion version.

FIREFLY 104E - Paper - Designed for applications where there is limited space, for example doors, glazing and damper seals. It expands up to 26 times its original thickness producing a flexible mat char.

FIREFLY 104B - Lower expansion version.

FIREFLY 105 - Grille System - Air transfer grille system combines exceptionally high free area (83% free) and low weight. Its fast reaction and corrugated construction offers rapid closure preventing the spread of fire. Grilles can be made in any size quickly and easily, and are suitable for use in doors, partitions, air conditioning systems etc.

FIREFLY 107 - Pipe Wraps and Pipe Collars - Similar in style to 101M, but with an enhanced performance which is capable of expanding up to 30 times its thickness and generating 17 bar pressure. Thus pipe wraps and pipe collars can be reduced to a single layer construction resulting in a more competitive and cost effective solution.

FIREFLY 108 - Low density compressible material which forms a highly resilient and stable char. Suitable for gap sealing applications including cable trays, penetration seals and expansion joints.

FIREFLY 109 - Intumescent Down Lighter Covers - Maintain the Fire and Acoustic Rating of ceilings when penetrated by recessed light fittings. See seperate brochure.
Pipe Fire Sleeves - Maintain the Fire Rating of Service Penetrations which pass through fire rated walls and floors.

FIREFLY 110 - Rigid - Designed for applications where a hard, tough and weather resistant product is required. A strong and stable char is generated.


Description Units 101M 102 102B 104E 107 108 109 110
Density kg/m3 580 900 850 750 580 190 200 1575
Tensile Strength MPa 6.0 5 4 3 5.5 N/A N/A 42
Moisture Content % Max 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 < 3
Free Expansion Ratio (400oC,15 min) - 20:1 25:1 15:1 26:1 30:1 2-3:1 5:1 20:1
Activation Temperature (under 50 psi load) oC 200 200 200 200 175 200 N/A 225
Pressure Generation Expansion @ 400oC Bar 10 21 14 11 17 N/A N/A 40